About 3PL Solutions

We believe that in order to create business opportunities we must raise the level of professionalism through a never ending cycle of learning, development and passion for a better future, a cycle the puts into mind the ever-changing conditions of international and local economy and businesses.

Our approach is to have the best working environment that will allow our team to achieve the highest possible results for your business through continuous collaboration, auditing and guidance.

Confidence and belief in what we do, how we do it and why we do it will grow day by day and that is achieved by Continuous appraisal to ensure the quality of our performance.

Our Calm, Clean, Safe and friendly motivating work environment promotes trust within our team, and with your business establishment, which will yield in

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Our Consultants have a track record in working with some of the major players in Sudanese market, from product and service industries, some of our major clients include:

- A Major Telecommunication Company: 3PL is providing its leading client with management services as well as a full package 3PL service. We’ve been working with this client continuously since 2012 and we are proud to say that we are one of the partners in success.

- A Major Sugar Manufacturer: We’ve worked closely with this client to design, develop and produce a set of Standard Operation Procedures as well as process maps to be included in their company governance framework.

- A Major Oil Well Services Company: 3PL has been working with this client hand-in-hand in all Supply Chain Operations since 2014. Together we’ve achieved high levels of true improvement in procurement, warehousing and transportation.

- A major aviation organization: We have worked with the largest aviation organization in Sudan in many facets, development of their procurement organization, processes and procedures, as well as streamlining the tendering processes, As well as steering of a multi company teams on a national projects that was responsible of building regional airports. Also we have carried out an engagement with the main airport in Sudan on identifying improvements opportunities to their commercial program.

- A major soap manufacturing company: Our consultants have carried out a large engagement with the largest soap and detergents manufacturer, through strategy formulation, organizational development, establishing of its Supply chain division, and steering the assignment of its ISO implementation project.

- The World Bank: We have carried out a gap analysis project of the pre-school education in 2 states Khartoum and Gedaref, the assignment completed successfully through collection of data (various assessment dimensions) from 40 dispersed schools in each state and analyzed the data with our partners in Germany and Bangladesh. The final report was received in order to form its strategy and project funding to improve the pre-school education service in both States.

- The Global fund: we are currently working for our German partner GFA that is engaged with Ministry of Health on the project “Health Services Strengthening project” our mission is to ensure compliance and streamlined procurement, logistics, supply and assets management.