Consultancy Service

Our management consultancy business unit at 3PL Supply Chain Solutions ® work hand in hand with the prospective clients towards helping them identify the processes that require optimization, hence identify process strengths and weaknesses in their organizations. From there our specialized consultants team will provide a full roadmap providing a robust service package.

3PL Supply Chain Solutions ® approach is to work hand-in-hand with clients towards improving their business operations in order to meet the ever-changing market needs, as well as products and services changing market conditions.In addition, we equip our client with a variety of analytical, optimization, and standardization tools as well as governance policies and manuals that can help their business achieve success and efficiency.

Our Service Package include a wide range of management field, including but not limited to:

- Supply Chain Outsource System and Consulting.
- Warehouse Management and Consulting.
- Logistics Management and Consulting.
- Fleet management and Consulting.
- Contract management Consulting.
- HR Consulting.
- Organizational development and Change management and Consulting.

- Business Performance Management and Consulting.
- Strategy Formulation and Consulting.
- Business process Improvement/optimization.
- Project Management and Consulting.
- ISO implementation.
- Marketing Consulting.
- Social Media Marketing Consulting.